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A day of firsts

Dr. Marty with studentWelcome back to school!

Today marks the first day for students, for Parkway’s tuition-free, full-day kindergarten program, and for Parkway’s new Superintendent Keith Marty. “I am just as excited as students on this first day,” says Marty, who spent the majority of his day greeting students across the district.

A total of 1,231 students enrolled in full-day kindergarten, which is 112 students more than projected. Parkway’s overall enrollment on the first day of school was 17,540, compared with 17,467 last year.

With kindergarteners, Marty altered his greeting somewhat. He often got down on his knees to talk to them so he could be at their same level. One Bellerive kindergartner introduced Marty to her teddy bear before she entered school.

Check out this video or photos that capture the excitement—and promise—of the first day of school.