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Summer of 2010: record construction season

A lot of planning, many capital improvement needs and generous community support for the 2008 bond issue allowed Parkway to complete a record amount of construction—nearly $20 million—this summer. Projects ranged from the mundane replacement of aged roofs and HVAC systems to a magnificent new science wing and building at Central High. This is the second summer in a five-year construction plan to complete all of the 2008 bond issue projects.

Central High students are already enjoying the renovated science classrooms shown in the photo above. Central High’s state-of-the-art science building (photo left) is scheduled for completion this fall. South High will be the next high school to see major renovations to its aging science facilities.

You can view the complete list of bond issue projects by school, see some photos of the finished products and check out what’s been completed to date on our Bond Issue Progress Web site. For a list of the 2010 summer projects, view the recent story in Parkway Today.