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North High named 'Green School of the Month'

Parkway North High School has been named the “Green School of the Month” by EcoLifeSTL.com.  North High has a “green ethic” that persists among the people who inhabit the school and this green spirit has been growing over the years and continues today. 

Watch a recent news story on KMOV-TV, channel 4 or visit EcoLifeSTL.com  for more info. 

A few examples of North’s green efforts include:

  • School wide recycling of paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastics

  • Use of compact florescent lighting in open areas

  • Use of a “building automation system” to reduce energy use by the HVAC system

  • Monthly aluminum can collections as a fundraiser by the science department

  • Naturescaping of the campus including, a peace garden, a rain garden, a native plant garden and treescaping for wildlife and thermal conservation

  • The Parkway North Recycling Club, an extracurricular group dedicated to enhancing school recycling efforts.

The recycling program at North High is lead by science teacher Andrew Duggan.  Support and participation for sustainable resource use and education at North occurs at all levels.  From the superintendent to the board of education, district facilities department, the North High administrative team, the faculty, student body and the custodial staff (the unsung heroes), North High employs the concept of “it takes a village.”