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Northeast Middle 7th grade student, on NBC "Making a Difference" segment

Sam Klein, a 7th grade student at Northeast Middle School, created his own business so he can give back.

Here is a little background for those of you who haven’t seen recent news stories on Sam:

“When he was 4, Sam Klein used to watch the garbage men pick up the trash from a window in his west St. Louis County home. That got him interested in what happened to the garbage after it left his curb.” This is the first line from an article published in the April 19, 2012, Post- Dispatch about Sam Klein.

Sam’s curiosity led to a tour of Onyx Waste Service where Sam—after asking many questions—learned about the power of recycling. Sam is now the president of his own recycling company—InkCycle Group. He collects used inkjets, laser toners, cellphones, laptops, tablets, and iPods and he works with 11 recycling companies. Sam even writes and publishes a monthly newsletter.

What does he do with the money he raises? He gives it ALL to charity.

No wonder Sam was recognized on the NBC Nightly News as someone who is “Making a Difference!”

Watch the story>>

Sam was also featured on KMOV-TV, channel 4 last fall.  He also collects soda can tabs to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. Watch the story>>