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Prop R Passes: Thank You, Parkway Community!

In yesterdays election, the Parkway community voted in favor of Proposition R by a margin of 59.46% in favor to 40.54% opposed (simple majority required). Unofficial election results from St. Louis County indicate that of the 63,932 votes cast in Parkway, 38,017 supported Prop R while 25,915 opposed it. Congratulations and thank you to the Parkway community for the first voter-approved operating tax rate increase since 1970. Thanks, too, to the thousands of parent and community volunteers who worked so hard to help pass Proposition R. Without your support, Proposition R would not have been possible. "We appreciate the trust our community has placed in the district," said board president, Monty Montgomery. "We will work hard to continue earning that support by remaining fiscally responsible in the years ahead and using this money wisely for the benefit of our children." The additional revenue will be used carefully by the Parkway Board of Education beginning in the fall of 2007 to: " Reduce class sizes; " Purchase textbooks, instructional equipment and technology; " Strengthen academic achievement focusing on basic reading skills and mathematics; and " Restore financial stability to Parkway. For a complete rundown of the Nov. 7 election results, please visit http://www.co.st-louis.mo.us/.