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Update on snow days

Many people are asking the question, “Will students have to go to school any extra days because of the snow days we’ve had?”

The answer is “No,” but with two exceptions—Claymont Elementary and South High. Students at those schools missed a day of class due to a water main break (Claymont), and loss of electrical power (South High). The make-up day for both Claymont and South High is currently planned for Friday, April 29, a professional development day with no classes for all other schools.

To repeat, there is no change to the school calendar for the remainder of 2010-11, with the exception of Claymont and South High. The last day of school for all students is still scheduled for Thursday, May 26, which will be a half-day in the morning.

If we have additional snow days, students will need to make them up. To view the calendar online, which shows days that are designated “inclement weather make-up days,” click on the link below: