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Parkway Wins National Recycling Award

The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) announced today that Parkway School District has received the NRC's annual award for Outstanding K-12 School Recycling Program in the United States. The award will be presented to Bill Guinther, director of energy education, at the NRC Annual Congress & Expo in Minneapolis, Minn. on Tuesday, August 30. Parkway is the only school in the nation to earn this honor for 2005. "The winners of NRC's Annual Awards represent the most creative and cutting-edge ideas and programs in recycling today," says Kate Krebs, NRC executive director. "Their leadership and achievements are models for others around the nation to follow." Parkway has been a leader in energy conservation and recycling for several years. Parkway's recycling program currently includes the recovery of paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastics, ink jet cartridges, scrap metals and used cooking oil for biodiesel. In addition to the commodities, Parkway maintains proper collection and handling of universal and hazardous wastes and e-wastes. These include fluorescent lamps, ballasts, paint thinner, lead acid batteries, mercury, science classroom chemicals and other items. Over the past school year, Parkway recycled commodities exceeding 1750 tons, generating $30,000 in revenue. Additionally, through other energy conservation measures, Parkway's estimated avoided utility costs for the 2004-05 fiscal year was $1,153,493. Additional information about Parkway and other award winners can be found on the NRC web site at www.nrc-recycle.org.