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Neighborhood Safety Alert

Over the past few days, area police have received at least two reports of suspicious individuals approaching Parkway students while walking in their neighborhoods.  Police are still investigating and gathering the facts.  Letters have gone out to parents in these areas.

On Sunday afternoon, the Manchester Police Department received a report that a fifth-grade student at Henry Elementary had been approached by two white males in a two-door, black Acura Integra while walking his dog in the Westridge Estates subdivision.  The boy reported that the men were approximately 18-20 years old and offered him an iPod if he would get in their car.  The boy refused and the car drove away.  A few minutes later, the car re-approached and one of the occupants told the boy to get in.  The boy told them he was going to call the police and the car drove away and did not return.

In a separate incident, an area resident reported yesterday that she picked up a Pierremont Elementary student on his way home from school one day last week.  Apparently the boy was running and appeared scared so she stopped him to see if he needed help.  The boy indicated that a man in a white Lexus was bothering him, so she picked the boy up and took him home.  When she reported this to police several days later, she could not remember the student's name or exact address.

As of Sept. 30, there have been no other sightings of these vehicles, and the police have stepped up their patrols in the area.  Parkway's Security Department is working closely with area police to determine whether we have any reason for future concern.  As a precaution, teachers in these areas reminded students what to do if approached by strangers.  We would ask that parents help reinforce this safety lesson at home with your children.

We will continue to be vigilant for the safety of our students.  The Parkway community can help by watching for these vehicles in your neighborhood, and by contacting the Manchester Police Department at (636) 227-1385 if you have information that could be helpful with the investigation.

Absolutely nothing is more important to Parkway than the safety of children!