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Middle schools get new schedule

The Parkway Board of Education recently approved schedule changes for Parkway’s five middle schools.  Students will be able to take more classes in the 2010-11 school year.

The Parkway Board of Education unanimously approved the following changes:

• All middle school students will have an eight-period class schedule that includes two periods of communication arts (English, reading, writing, etc.).
• Each middle school core team will consist of five teachers -- two communication arts, one science, one social studies and one math.
• Physical Education will be offered every day.
• Approximately 11 minutes will be added to the current school day.
• All sixth graders will take a course entitled Future Pathways -- a career exploratory course.

Desi Kirchhofer, Parkway’s assistant superintendent for secondary education, said that Parkway administrators researched effective middle school best practices across the country and determined Parkway should make some changes in its middle schools.

“We believe these changes will improve student learning by providing smaller class sizes, two communications arts classes each day, a unique career exploration class for our sixth grade students and daily physical education classes.  We are excited about this opportunity and believe the eight-period day will greatly enhance the academic opportunities for Parkway’s middle school students,” Kirchhofer said.

While bus arrival and departure times will remain about the same, students will be asked to be in class at an earlier time.  Each middle school will be publishing their new daily schedules for parents and staff.

These changes support the Parkway Board of Education’s goal to develop and consistently implement an aligned, guaranteed, viable district curriculum that is designed to increase student engagement and achievement.