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Central High Students First in the US to Take a Scottish Music Exam

On October 11-12, several orchestra students from Parkway Central High School were the first-ever in the United States to complete a Scottish music exam, and 8 of them passed the test.

The testing was conducted by the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, as part of a week-long artists-in-residence workshop at Parkway Central High School. Five students and 3 faculty members from Glasgow, Scotland led an intensive week of training on fiddle and Scottish song with 115 orchestra students, 90 choir students and 160 Central Middle School students, which culminated with a concert on Saturday, October 13 at the University of Missouri St. Louis.

The students performed 9 minutes of memorized music and passed other practical and aural musicianship skill tests which included playing several scales and sight reading. Students mastered the art of playing 6 different styles of Scottish tunes and were tested on aural memory. There are 5 grades of music tested by the Scottish Academy with 5 being the most difficult; Parkway students were tested at grade 4.
The residency is sponsored by the Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Scottish Traditional Arts and artists and providing cultural experiences and educational opportunities to St. Louis area schools.

For more information, visit the Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education at www.stlspae.org, or The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama at www.rsamd.ac.uk.