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Parkway personnel changes announced

Dr. Bonnie Maxey, assistant superintendent for Elementary Education and Early Childhood, has made the decision to retire at the end of the 2011-12 school year after 38 years in Parkway. Maxey began her career in Parkway in 1974 and was a teacher at Bellerive Elementary for 11 years. Following an administrative internship at Bellerive, she served nine years as principal at Ross Elementary until 1996 when she was selected as north area superintendent. Maxey has been in her current position as a great supporter of elementary schools and early childhood since 2000. Those who have had the pleasure to work with her through the years know of her wisdom and professionalism, her great caring and passion for children and learning, and her deep commitment to Parkway. For all of this and more, she will be greatly missed. 

Gary Mazzola, South High principal, has announced his intention to retire at the end of the school year after 31 years with Parkway. Mazzola started his career as a business teacher at West Junior in 1981, and has spent the rest of his career as a teacher, assistant principal and principal at North High and South High.  He has been South High's principal with Patriot pride for the past 13 years. Mazzola and his wife Linda (both West '76) and their children are all Parkway alumni. In addition to his many contributions as a teacher and educational leader, he is known for his candor and dry wit, yet with a sensitive side and a generous spirit. His willingness to help colleagues with all things mechanical may lead him to give Click and Clack of "Car Talk" a run for their money in retirement.   

Dr. Julie Collins, coordinator of Student Assessment, is resigning as of July 1, to relocate with her family back to the Kansas City area. Her husband has accepted a position with a company that has its headquarters there. Collins has taught us a great deal about assessment, data and the importance of growth, and has certainly made her mark with the "Dashboard" since she came to Parkway in 2010. We wish Julie and her family the very best as they make this move back "home."