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Three Parkway teachers receive 'Albert Award'

Three young Parkway teachers have been recognized for inspiring others -- Anna Basler, Claymont kindergarten teacher (left with Al Burr); Dave Beck, North High English teacher (pictured right); and Michael Ozbun (pictured below with Helen VanDerhyden), a math teacher in the REACH program. 
The Parkway Alumni Association presented these three teachers with the "Albert Award" -- named in honor of Dr. Al Burr, a retired principal and teacher in Parkway -- and a check for $1,000.
The "Albert Award" is funded by the “Al Burr Make-A-Difference Fund” to recognize inspiring young teachers at the very earliest stages of their careers.
Claymont's Anna Basler is described as "incredibly gifted," a teacher who has built "an amazing learning community in which all students are valued by each other."  Dave Beck, a North High teacher, creates "a natural classroom climate that mirrors his own exuberance and intellectual capabilities."  Michael Ozbun, a math teacher, brings "structure and consistency to his students while allowing for second chances."