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STARS award winners

A summer of hard work paid off for four Parkway aspiring scientists who spent several weeks conducting intensive research with St. Louis-area professionals and professors.  The students have been named winners of the Pfizer and LMI Aerospace/D3 Technologies Award for Excellence in Research.  The award is presented to students who distinguished themselves during the Students and Teachers as Research Scientists program (STARS) at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

STARS introduces high school juniors and seniors to the various aspects of the scientific enterprise as practiced by scientists in academic, private or corporate research institutions. UMSL partners with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Saint Louis University, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville and Washington University to provide research options for the participants.

Below is a listing of winners and their projects from the 2009 STARS program.  Also listed are the winner’s school, his or her mentor, the mentor’s university and the company awarding the student:

Luba Ezerskiy, West High, “Mechanism of Morphine Inhibition of Synapse Formation in Primary Astrocyte-Neuron Co-Cultures,” Mariana Beltcheva, SLU. (Pfizer)

Jodie Guller, North High, “Impact of Caffeine on Brain Development in Preterm Infants,” Amit Mathur and Terrie Inder, WUSTL. (Pfizer)

John Lee, Central High, “The Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Organocobalt Compounds,” John Bleeke, WUSTL. (LMI/D3)

Diane Shen, South High, “Determination of the Impact of Caffeine on Preterm Infants through Diffusion-Tensor Imaging,” Amit Mathur and Terrie Inder, WUSTL. (Pfizer)

Two of the students, Luba Ezerskiy and Jodie Guller, have been asked to present their research to senior scientists at Solae Company’s world headquarters in St. Louis.  Solae is the world leader in developing innovative soy-based technology and ingredients for food and nutritional products.

Luba Ezerskiy


Jodie Guller


John Lee


Diane Shen