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2008 Pillars of Parkway Selected

The Pillar Selection Committee recently announced the 2008 Pillars of Parkway. Congratulations to our new Pillars, and thank you to the selection committee for all of its work! The following 2008 Pillars will be recognized on Monday, April 28, at Appreciation Evening:
Michael Barolak, coordinator of student discipline
Mimi Holder, health teacher, Southwest Middle
Michael Kanak, director of food services
Kris Kellams, athletic director, North High
Liz Morrison, social studies coordinator
Melanie Murphy, strings teacher, Oak Brook Elementary
Julie Pepper, math teacher, Central High
Kathy Saitz, volunteer, South High
Cindy Sonnenschein, second grade teacher, Craig Elementary
Dawn Tamboli, volunteer, Oak Brook Elementary

The 2008 Pillar Selection Committee members, all previous Pillar winners, are: Joyce Sheldon, volunteer, and Pat Teich, director of Early Childhood (co-chairs); Pam Dudley, Southwest Middle teacher; Kristi Garcia, volunteer; Bill Guinther, resource conservation manager; Dianne Herndon, Highcroft school nurse; Doug Hoover, Central High band director; Jenny Hosch, volunteer; Bruce Hunter, principal of Shenandoah Valley Elementary; Tim Morrison, science teacher at South High; and Tracey Ratchford, teaching assistant at Craig Elementary.