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Digital Film Festival Draws Large Audience

Digital Film photo
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Parkway’s third annual digital film festival drew an audience of more than 1,000 last night. It’s a lot like the Sundance and Cannes film festivals, complete with red carpet, paparazzi and creative films.

But Parkway’s digital film festival is unique because it features filmmakers who have yet to graduate from high school. Students ranging in age from kindergarten through twelfth grade produce all the films for the festival.

film_festival_photoThe only one of its kind in St. Louis, the event takes place one night each spring in the Logan College auditorium.  Roughly 150 films are shown on the big screen during the festival. The remaining films, another 175 or so, can be seen throughout the year in Parkway’s digital online gallery.

“Kids respond to video because it’s visual and interactive,” says Bill Bass, a technology integration specialist who helped create the festival.

“Creating a global audience is really important,” adds Bill Bass, “because making a video often requires so much work that to have no one see it can be really discouraging. The film festival makes them part of something bigger. We want to make kids feel cool, kind of like rock stars for a night.”

Here are two movies that emerged as favorites last night:

You can also  watch HEC-TV’s broadcast of the event  last year.