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Information Regarding First Student Bus Driver

A First Student bus driver has allegedly been sending inappropriate text messages to at least one Central High School student.  Parkway officials were made aware of these allegations Thursday afternoon and immediately reported them to the Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation (VICC), First Student as well as the Chesterfield Police Department.  At Parkway’s request, the driver was removed from his afternoon route that day, and has been suspended by First Student pending its investigation.

Paul Tandy, Parkway spokesman, said, “If the allegations are founded, the driver’s actions were clearly unacceptable.  We are confident local law enforcement agencies and First Student will handle the matter appropriately to ensure the safety of our students.”

Note: There have been some inaccurate media reports about the incident.  The bus driver in question is not an employee of the Parkway School District and works for First Student under contract with VICC.