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South High Raises Money for Sudanese

Each year the students at South High choose a topic or cause to raise money for Amnesty International, a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights. This year the students raised $1,600 for the Lost Boys of Sudan, a group of young boys who were driven out of Sudan by a civil war in 1987 and who are now in the United States attempting to gain education. In order to raise awareness as well as money, the students, along with South Highs improvisation group Five Finger Discount, put on an improv show with the ticket sales benefiting the Lost Boys fund, took donations at a screening of the movie The Lost Boys of Sudan, and sold Stop the Genocide in Sudan T-shirts to benefit the charity. "Amnesty International has allowed everyone involved to accomplish more than what we would have been able to do individually," South High Amnesty president and student Mariam Nawas said. "This year especially, we were able to raise significant amounts of money and awareness for the plight of the Sudanese." The group also raised over $200 for the Red Cross to aid the earthquake victims in Pakistan.