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Mi classroom es su classroom

 Mexcian classroom 1Even if Spanish isn't your specialty, you could learn a lot about Mexican culture and traditions by sitting in on a Mexican classroom.

That's what Cailin Forrest had in mind when she designed a "lesson swap" between her fourth-grade class at Pierremont and another fourth-grade class in Mexico. The swap was done via SKYPE software, which allows students to communicate with students in other countries via text, voice or video.

Sharing a SMART Board with the Mexican class, Pierremont students spent a half hour explaining the history of May Day, and they demonstrated the North Skelton Sword Dance. Sword Dance"We wanted them to compare our May Day celebration in the States with their celebration of Cinco de Mayo," says Cailin.

For their part, the Mexican students, who attend a bilingual school in Playa del Carmen, dressed in traditional Mexican attire and demonstrated a traditional Mexican song and dance for Pierremont students. The lesson swap, as you've probably already guessed, centered on spring traditions in both countries. Helping in the collaborative effort was Jessica Schneider, another fourth-grade Pierremont teacher; and Peter Larson, Pierremont's technology integration specialist. Kudos to all involved!