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Board reviews timeline for 2012-13 attendance area change

A report to the board of education on May 4 outlined a tentative timeline for creating attendance area changes to alleviate overcrowding of north area elementary schools by August 2012.

Below is a tentative timeline of key events.

May 2011 - Survey on boundary guidelines/priorities sent to North/Central area parents

June 2011 - Board reviews survey feedback and current guidelines

Summer 2011 - Development of new attendance area boundaries that best meet needs and board guidelines

Summer/Fall 2011 - Board reviews possible attendance area changes and implementation strategies

Fall 2011 - Public meetings to discuss recommended attendance area changes

Fall/Winter 2011 - Board votes on proposed attendance areas

Spring 2012 - Prepare for implementation and communicate changes to parents, staff and community

August 2012 - Implement new attendance areas

To read the entire May 4 report to the board, click on the link below: