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Parkway West Junior Earns Perfect Score on ACT

Parkway West High student Chao Zhang, 16, received a “perfect” or “highest score possible” on the ACT college entrance exam. Zhang earned 36 on the ACT test—a feat achieved by only 21 of the 411,500 students across the nation who took the ACT this past October. Zhang was the only student in Missouri with a perfect score. Zhang, who has a 4.39 career GPA and is ranked fourth in her class, says she didn’t study for the ACT. She attributes her high score to working on a lot of practice problems before the test. “After I was finished with the test, I knew it could go either way,” says Zhang. “I was a bit surprised when I found out I scored a 36.” Zhang hasn’t made any college plans just yet. For now she is enjoying being a member of the high school track team and participating in the Asian culture club she founded at West High. # # #