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Parkway Food Service Department scores high marks with County Department of Health

The Parkway School District Food Service Department scored high marks with the St. Louis County Department of Health.  One hundred percent of Parkway food service employees have had hepatitis shots.  Parkway was the first school district in the county to institute this requirement; years before it became a County ordinance.

County Health regulations require that one person per establishment have an approved sanitation certification.  Parkway requires that ALL employees have their sanitation certificate within two years of employment.  Classes are taught in-house by Parkway’s Supervisor/Dietitian, Marlene Pfeiffer, R.D., L.D.  At this time, 88 percent or 135 of our 155 employees have their sanitation certificate.

This training has shown great results for the department.  Last year, Parkway schools were inspected 45 times by the County Department of Health.  Schools can be inspected anywhere from one to three times per.  Of the 45 inspections conducted, 30 were rated with a perfect with a score of 100 percent.  Overall, Parkway’s average was 99.2 percent.

The Parkway Food Services Department is committed to provide a clean and sanitary environment for students and staff.