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Parkway Block Home Renewal for 2005-2006 School Year

Participants in the Parkway School District Block Home program are required to renew their program application every year, and are requested to do so during the month of May. Renewal applications are available at Parkway schools or by contacting Mark Beldner, block home program chair, at (314) 469-1014 or mbeldner@swbell.net. New block homes are also always needed. Block homes provide safe havens for Parkway students when they feel they are in any kind of danger, such as when a stranger is following them or when they are being chased by a dog. When needed, the block home resident takes the child in and helps, whether by contacting the parents or calling 911 for medical attention. For more information, contact Mark Beldner at (314) 469-1014 or mbeldner@swbell.net, or Parkway's Safety and Security department at (314) 415-5080.