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Two Parkway students awarded scholarships to Germany

Two Parkway students have been awarded scholarships to Germany--one for the summer and another for the entire 2012-13 school year.

Laura RojasLaura Rojas: “Over the Moon” about the Award

Laura Rojas, North High, received a full scholarship to attend school in Germany next school year and live with a host family. She is one of a handful of St. Louis students to receive the full award from the US Congress-Bundestag Scholarship, which is administered by a local chapter of Youth for Understanding.

Laura believes her flexibility and humor helped with the scholarship award. Both characteristics come to her naturally by way of her background. Born in Columbia, South America, she lived in Florida until age 8, and moved  to St. Louis at age 9.  Along the way, she made friends easily and excelled in school, skipping a full grade in elementary school. Now just 15, she says her young age will allow her to spend a full year in Germany and still come back to North High for senior year so she can graduate with her class. She loves the diversity at North High and the diversity she finds in other cultures.

“She is over the moon about the scholarship,” says Suzanne Greenwalt, the North High teacher who encouraged Laura to apply. “It is such a wonderful opportunity and a great way to get a year’s worth of experience and education virtually free. We also get to have young ambassadors abroad to represent our country in a positive light.”


Edward LuEdward Lu: “Exceptionally Kind and Well-Liked”

Edward Lu, South High, has been awarded an all-expense-paid summer study trip to Germany. Edward was selected as a winner after scoring in the 95th percentile on the National German Exam for High School Students sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). Nearly 23,000 students participated in the program. After qualifying with a high score on the National German Exam, he submitted responses to several short essay questions in German and in English and went through a phone interview. He is one of 44 U.S. students selected for the award.

“Eddie is at the top of his class at South High. He is also an exceptionally kind, courteous and well-liked individual. His classmates and I treasure both his relaxed and open demeanor and his gifted and engaged learning,” says Leslie Peterson, the South High teacher who encouraged Eddie to apply for the scholarship.