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Video: Duck for President

If you ask any Parkway student to name one of their favorite storybooks, Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type is bound to be on that list. First grade students at Sorrento Springs were fortunate to participate in a video conference with the New York Times bestselling creators of this childhood classic. Author Doreen Cronin and illustrator Betsy Lewin answered questions from seven schools from all over the country. Sorrento students were surprised to find that the writing techniques Ms. Cronin uses are very similar to those they are learning in Writing Workshop. Each one of the four classes were able to ask these famous ladies a specific question about the processes of writing and illustrating. In preparation for the video conference, which was held in a partnership program with Ball State University, the first grade students read and discussed several books written and illustrated by this creative pair. One other favorite selection was, Duck for President. In this timely tale, a duck decides to run for the highest political office because he was tired of working so hard on the farm. Duck finds out that being president is hard work too, and returns to the farm to write his autobiography. The Sorrento students loved meeting one of their favorite authors as well as having the opportunity to interact with other students from schools across the country. Special thanks to Sorrento's CRS, Pam VanMater for her expertise in setting up the technical aspects of the conference.

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