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Parkway to begin single-stream recycling program

At its regular meeting on August 11, the Parkway Board of Education voted to initiate a single-stream recycling program at all schools beginning with the 2010-11 school year. The vendor chosen for the new program is QRS Recycling, Inc., with offices in St. Louis and Louisville, Ky. The new single-stream program will replace Parkway’s existing internal recycling program which began in 1990.
Single-stream recycling programs allow different types of materials to be placed in a single container, as opposed to individual containers for each type of material. This added convenience usually results in a much higher quantity of materials recovered.
“Parkway has always been known as a leader in environmental stewardship,” says Parkway School Board President Bruce Major. “We were recycling materials before it was popular to do so. But the industry has advanced to a point where it makes more sense to outsource to a single-stream program that will keep even more waste out of landfills.”
Parkway currently recycles approximately 524 tons of single-stream related materials annually at more than 30 school sites, including such items as cans, cardboard, paper and plastic. The new single-stream program is expected to increase that amount by 21 tons (545 tons total), which will reduce the amount of waste hauled to landfills by 302 cubic yards each year and generate approximately $40,000 in annual net revenue.
“We were pleasantly surprised when we received the single-stream bids,” says Parkway Resource Conservation Manager Erik Lueders. “This move will allow us to reduce internal operating costs and trash hauling fees, while at the same time increasing the amount of materials we divert from landfills. Plus we will work with QRS to retain our environmental education component for students, so it’s a win-win solution for everyone.”
Over the past decade, Parkway has recycled more than 13,700 tons of material and received numerous local, state and national awards for environmental stewardship.