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North High teams win environmental prize

Two teams from North High were each awarded $10,000 in the Lexus Eco Challenge, a national competition that encourages students to develop and implement environmental programs.
One team, known as Team ECH20, developed a program to decrease wasteful water usage while increasing the cost effectiveness of water in the home, at school and in the city.  A second team called Team NEON, constructed rain gardens that feature native Missouri plants. 
The win secured both teams an invitation to participate in the final challenge for a chance at $30,000.
If either team wins the final challenge, they may use some of the money to fund solar panels at North High.  The school is well-equipped for solar panels, they say, because of the south-facing slopes on the roof.
Team ECH20 students are: Amelia Chen; Ahmed Said; Kelly Mazzoni; Stephanie Zhang; Michael Pride; Jacqueline Sotraidis; Emily Calloway; and Siva Teja Devarakonda.
Team NEON students are: David Goldfeld; Calvin Irwin; Simon Nogin; Ben Weinstock; and Jenny Koshner.
Visit the student Web sites at: www.teamneon.org and www.teamecos.org.