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Potential Last Day of School Adjusted to June 1

When the 2004-2005 Academic Year Calendar was developed, June 3 was set as the last day of school. The yearly calendars always include built in inclement weather days. If not all the inclement weather days are used in a year, the last day of school is usually adjusted forward. May 1 is the day that adjustment will be made. Since we have not had to close school this year for inclement weather, there has been speculation that the last day of school will be adjusted to June 1. While an official date can’t be set until May 1, if there are no school closings before then, June 1 will be set as the last day of school. High school finals will be adjusted accordingly. If June 1 is the last day of school, finals will be on May 27, May 31, and June 1. High schools will be in session four hours each day on semester exam days. Grades K-8 will be in school for a full day.