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2012 Pillars of Parkway selected

Congratulations to our 2012 Pillars of Parkway!  These eight winners were selected from more than 50 outstanding candidates who have provided extraordinary service to the Parkway community. They will be honored on Monday, April 23, at Appreciation Evening, along with Teachers of the Year, Albert Award winners, retirees and employees with milestone years of service.

  • Renee Boyd, North High Social Studies Teacher
  • Jo Wanda Bozeman, District PNEA President
  • Sue Easterby, Fern Ridge Communication Arts and Theater Teacher
  • Karen King, Shenandoah Valley OASIS Tutor
  • Kathryn Muehlrath, District Coordinator of Special Services
  • Steve Schmich, District Teacher Leader (Retired) for Sixth-Grade Outdoor School
  • Mike Tate, Facilities/Operations Lead Construction Supervisor
  • Ed Zumwinkel, West Area/District Parent/Volunteer~

Congratulations to all, and thanks to members of the Pillar Selection Committee.