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Parkway Alumni Association grants $22,000 in Dream Grants

The Parkway Alumni Association (PAA) announced that more than $22,000 in monetary dream grants and numerous resource grants have been awarded to students throughout Parkway, totaling 221 grants given in the 2011 Granting Dreams Program.

The Granting Dreams program is designed to turn dreams into realities for students eager to further their learning or explore new opportunities. Grant requests range from Japanese lessons for a grade school youngster, to a medical mission trip to Honduras and a student wanting to take a robot class.

Grants of financial support of up to $250 are awarded, as well as grants of community resources and/or alumni support. Students are encouraged to submit requests that demonstrate a commitment to furthering skills, acquiring knowledge or experience, participating in school-related activities, or those that involve the community.

“When students meet success in one area of their lives, the thrill of accomplishment carries over into other areas and becomes a motivating factor in their education,” says Mimi Holder, chairperson for the Granting Dreams committee. “The Granting Dreams application process challenges students to figure out what steps it will take to make their dream a reality.”

Parents, faculty and staff are invited to join the PAA congratulating students during a special ceremony and reception that will take place at Central Middle on Monday, May 9, 2011 from 6 – 8 p.m. During this time, the students will be formally honored and presented with their grants.

The mission of the Parkway Alumni Association is to encourage communication among alumni and foster programs which serve and support the Parkway community. For 20 years, the PAA has played a key role in the district by implementing programs that help drive student achievement and also recognize outstanding Parkway educators. To learn more about the PAA and its programs, visit www.ParkwayAlumni.org.