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Block Homes Needed to help keep Parkway's Students Safe

The Parkway School District is looking for a few good neighbors. The Parkway Block Home program needs participants for the current school year and beyond. Block homes provide safe havens for Parkway students when they feel they are in any kind of danger, such as when a stranger is following them or when they are being chased by a dog. When needed, the block home resident takes the child in and helps, whether by contacting the parents or calling 911 for medical attention. Often, the child just needs somewhere to temporarily stay because he or she can not get into the house. The St. Louis County Police Department conducts a police record check on each applicant and household members 17 years of age or older, to determine if they meet the standards of the program. Residents do not need to have children in Parkway schools to participate. Block Home program volunteers are provided with a Block Home window sign that designates a safe haven to students. The Parkway Block Home program is sponsored by the Parkway Safety Network, a Parkway Board of Education committee. The program is supported by the St. Louis County Police Department. For more information, contact Mark Beldner, Block Home program chair, at mbeldner@swbell.net or Parkway's Safety and Security Department at (314) 415-5080.