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Parkway Receives American Red Cross Lifesaver Community Award

(Pictured left to right): Dave Whitfield (Volunteer – American Red Cross St. Louis Area Chapter), Chris Jacob (Director, Board of Education – Parkway School District), Dave McFarland (PE teacher – Parkway School District), Kathy Ray (Safety Outreach Specialist – American Red Cross St. Louis Area Chapter), Lisa Harnacker (Manager of Health Services – Parkway School District), Jay Davis (Vice President, Board of Education – Parkway School District), and Dee Mogerman (President, Board of Education – Parkway School District)

The Parkway School District recently received the Lifesaver Community Award from the St. Louis Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. Parkway received the award for encouraging its faculty and students to participate in Red Cross blood drives and safety training.  In the past three years, 2,453 faculty and students have donated blood and 2,674 have participated in Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED training and water safety programs.

As a Red Cross authorized provider, the district currently has 20 Red Cross certified instructors on staff who are able to teach faculty and students’ lifesaving First Aid/CPR/AED, lifeguard certification, learn-to-swim classes and water safety programs; in less than three years, these 20 instructors have taught over 2,600 students.

At the presentation, the Celebration Team recognized Parkway School District employee and Red Cross Instructor, Dave McFarland, with a five-year Red Cross service pinfor his dedication and commitment as a water safety instructor for both the District and the greater community; Dave is one of the many employees behind Parkway School District’s preparedness efforts.

Additional details regarding Parkway School District’s preparedness efforts include the following:

  •  In the past three years, the 20 Red Cross certified instructors for the district have:
  1. Taught 209 First Aid/CPR/AED classes, training 1,450 students and faculty in these lifesaving skills.
  2.  Certified 331 faculty and students in Lifeguarding.
  3. Taught 522 faculty and students in learn-to-swim classes.
  4. Trained 371 faculty and students in basic water rescue.
  •  Parkway School District is also committed to the wellness of its faculty, students and the greater community:
  1. Over 2,400 faculty and students have participated in 37 blood drives since 2005.
  2. Since each blood donation can save up to three lives, the district faculty and students have potentially saved 7,200 lives.
  3. Each year, school nurses train the faculty on precautions to take when administering first aid to prevent transmission of bloodborne pathogens.
  4. Faculty and students participate in the American Lung Association Air Quality program every year.
  5. The district conducts annual building safety inspections and addresses any areas of concern discovered.