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PAYDAY NOTES from the Superintendent for all Parkway staff

September 9, 2011

As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday, I encourage all of us to continue to appreciate and honor the work of diligent police and fire personnel, our men and women in the armed services, public service officials, and those who continually work to make our nation and world a better place for humanity. (I hope that is all of us.) May we also be more accepting of differences—race, religion, creed, and nationality—and not become more divided. The terrible actions on 9/11 were committed by terrorists, not a nation or a religion.

Please join us for the first of four community and district Project Parkway gatherings on Monday evening, September 19th, from 7 to 9 p.m., at Central High School. The meeting will have the following components:

sessions on future Project Parkway activities—assessments, facilities, giftededucation, school climate, science, special education, technology and wellness

  • An update on the current implementation work of Project Parkway

  • An opportunity for participants to have possible input through eight advisory

The success of Project Parkway will depend upon the continued involvement of our publics—internal and external. All of you have experiences or knowledge around at least one of the advisory groups that will be meeting on September 19th.

Our September 21st board of education meeting will feature a presentation and recommendation on 2011-2012 boundary changes for four elementary schools: Craig, McKelvey, River Bend and Ross. There is a need to move school boundaries to address crowding in some schools and ensure equality for students and services in these schools. I encourage you to view our website to learn more details of the proposed boundary changes.

The September 21st meeting will also feature discussions about school start/end times, science and gifted programs, and facilities planning.

I encourage each employee to consider providing a monetary gift to our Alumni Association. Parkway is so fortunate and privileged to have such a strong Alumni Association that gives back to the district in many ways. The Alumni Association supports and honors educators and students through:

  • Teacher of the Year Awards

  • Granting Dreams for Students

  • Albert Awards for Outstanding New Teachers

  • School and Community Programs and Projects

As the Alumni Association continues to do more for our district, please consider supporting them with a tax-deductible donation. No matter the amount, you will be investing in the future of Parkway. Pledge cards are being distributed to all employees featuring options in giving, including a payroll deduction. The campaign will conclude on October 1, 2011.

Other Communication opportunities
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Keith Marty