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Parents invited to learn from noted math author

Greg Tang, math author and guest speaker, returns to Parkway on October 29 to present two engaging talks about instructional approaches that will help students develop number sense and computation strategies -- Parkway West High School (14653 Clayton Road, 63011).  Both sessions are open to anyone … the 4:30-6pm session is tailored for teachers, while the 7:00-8pm session is more for parents. 

Tang has authored several books dedicated to furthering student proficiency in math, including "The Grapes of Math" and "Math for All Seasons."  In these exciting, interactive sessions, Tang shares ideas that help both children and adults improve their numeracy by introducing strategies that make mental math easy to do. Participants will not only improve their own content knowledge but will also learn new methods and activities that will help develop deeper understanding in students. Greg's systematic approach is simple and straight-forward, and everyone is sure to learn something new.

Click here for the flyer.