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Parkway teacher wins 'Charles Klotzer Media Literacy Award for Educators'

Parkway’s Darlene Wagner was recently honored as a 2009 recipient of the “Charles Klotzer Media Literacy Award for Educators.”  The Klotzer Award recognizes an individual in the St. Louis region who promotes and practices media literacy in an ongoing fashion, in accordance with the mission of the Gateway Media Literacy Partners (GMLP).  Wagner was recognized for her contributions as a Media Literacy Educator.

Wagner, an art teacher at Wren Hollow Elementary School, was honored for "innovation in the field of media literacy education."  She has achieved remarkable success teaching media literacy to her students for more than 13 years.  Adopting an integrated approach to media literacy instruction and teaching media literacy as part of her curriculum, Wagner teaches media literacy from a production orientation.  Her students have learned the principles of media literacy by creating video presentations.  Wagner attributes her increasing expertise to the Parkway School District's ongoing support for her.  In the process, she says, the District has become an advocate of media literacy education.

Media literacy is a critical thinking skill that is applied to the source of much of our information: the channels of mass communication.  As such, media literacy has emerged as a survival skill that empowers individuals to decipher media messages.

The GMLP mission is promote media literacy in the St. Louis region; promote community partnerships & collaborations; provide support for media literacy projects; act as a conduit for national initiatives; Initiate a sustained education campaign that defines & clarifies the need for & value of media literacy.