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Parkway Central Students Win National Economics Challenge

A student team from Parkway Central High School outpaced other regional champions in four separate final competitions to win the title of National Champions in the David Ricardo Division of the 2005 NCEE/Goldman Sachs Foundation National Economics Challenge. The preliminary rounds began in February with more than 750 teams consisting of over 3,000 students participating in state and regional competitions across the country. The final rounds of the competition were held yesterday before hundreds of students and guests at the New York Public Library in Manhattan. The final rounds employ a "college bowl" format, as student teams are called upon to answer up to 30 questions on complex economic concepts and theories involving micro- and macroeconomics, international economics, and current events. With a time limit of 15 seconds to answer each individual question, the Central High team won the David Ricardo Division title on question number 29, which asked "If the exchange rate between U.S. dollars and Japanese yen was $1 = 100 yen, then one yen would be equivalent in value to what U.S. coin?"(Answer below) The Central High team members are Ankaj Khosla, Jimmy Li, Derek Tesser and Sharon Traiberman. The team coach is Thomas Chambers. Each member and their team coach received a $3,000 bond. # # # David Ricardo Answer: Penny