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Parkway Adopts New System to Alert Parents and Staff

For the 2007-08 school year, Parkway will be using the AlertNow Rapid Communication Service as another way to enhance communications with parents and employees.

AlertNow can deliver voice or e-mail messages within seconds of an emergency or crisis situation. Helpful reminders can be sent about activities, meetings and events such as open houses, curriculum nights and parent conferences. And when the weather is bad or buses are delayed, parents can be notified easily and quickly. AlertNow can deliver up to 6,000 calls per minute.
Every parent will receive a letter the first week of school with important information about the system, and a reminder to communicate their current phone numbers and email addresses to the school. 
  • Caller ID will display the school's main number when a general school announcement is delivered. General reminders will dial the student's home phone number, as well as any "other parent" home phone if provided on the PI form. 
  • Please note in the event of district or emergency-type calls, caller ID will display 314-415-8100, which is the main district phone number. Emergency calls will also dial parents' cell and work phone numbers in addition to the home phone.
  • Unfortunately, cell phone reception issues may sometimes cause delayed or partial messages.
  • If a message "cuts off," the entire message can be replayed by pressing any number key on the phone.
  • Questions or comments about this service can be sent to Alertnow@pkwy.k12.mo.us.