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Parkway Recognized As One of Nation's Best

According to a recent study by "Expansion Management" magazine, Parkway School District ranks among the top five percent of the nation's best school districts with enrollment of at least 3,300 students. Parkway was awarded a Gold Medal rating by the publication, which is aimed at business owners and businesses looking to expand to new locations. Of 23 school districts in Missouri evaluated by the magazine for its annual Education Quotient issue, Parkway received one of the highest ratings in the state with 88 out of a possible 100. In addition, of more than 2,800 school districts evaluated nationwide, only 127 had either the same score or higher score than Parkway. Nationally, the highest score was 99. The scores are based on three factors: the end product of the education process that includes graduation rates and college board scores; a community's financial commitment to its children's education (student-teacher ratios, per-pupil expenditures and teacher salaries); and the level of affluence and adult education in the district. The final ranking is based on those three factors and Gold Medal districts are among the nation's top performing schools, according to the publication. Fourteen years ago, Expansion Management published the first of what has become its annual Education Quotient as a way of providing companies with the basis for comparing the type of work force they would likely encounter in various communities through the country. The magazine has ranked school districts on how well they prepare students to be a part of the work force after graduation. The special report is mailed to more than 45,000 CEOs, vice presidents, directors and companies who have indicated they are considering expanding into new areas. Other magazines such as "Money" and "American Health," use the Education Quotient data to make their judgements as to the most "liveable" and "healthiest" cities. In 1995, Parkway was named the top performing school district in the nation and was cited as the most efficient of the 44 districts nationwide named Gold Medal districts. Parkway was first ranked by the publication in 1994 and that year was named one of the top 10 districts in the nation. The magazine has awarded Gold Medals since 1995, and Parkway has earned that distinction each year. More information is available on the Expansion Management Magazine web site at http://www.expansionmanagement.com/