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Parkway Welcomes Parent and Citizen Involvement

The Parkway Board of Education believes that the education of students is a responsibility shared by the school as well as the family. The board recognizes that when schools work together with families to support learning, children are inclined to succeed not just in school, but also throughout life.  In keeping with these beliefs, Parkway offers numerous opportunities to parents and citizens for volunteering at each school and at the district level. 

Alumni Association – A nonprofit organization of Parkway graduates working to encourage communication among alumni and foster programs that serve and support the Parkway community. One or two evening meetings per year. Contact: Jan Misuraca at (314) 415-8074. www.parkwayalumni.org

Ambassadors – Volunteers are needed to provide positive news and photos of students, staff and school activities to Public Affairs and the media. Meet on a weekday morning in fall for training and once more later in the year. The first meeting is at 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 10. Contact: Annie Dickerson at (314) 415-8078.

 Area Advisories – Two venues are offered to parents and citizens depending on area of the district in which they reside--Central/North or South/West. Each group will meet once each semester on a weekday to discuss current topics of interest and share thoughts on major district plans and projects. The first meetings will be held on Thurs., Sept. 27 from 9:30 a.m.-11 a.m. at North High (Central/North) and from 1 p.m.-2:30 p.m. at West High (South/West). Contact: Diana Stewart (314) 415-8069.
Government Relations Committee – Parents and citizens interested in legislative and policy issues affecting Parkway are welcome to participate. There are opportunities for advocacy; meeting notes are emailed and posted on web site. School representatives are asked to report on issues to/from their PTOs. Five luncheon meetings are held on Fridays throughout the school year. The first meeting is at 11:30 a.m. on Sept. 28. Contact: Sandy Jacobs, (314) 640-4375 or Diana Stewart, (314) 415-8069. www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/gov


Health Services Advisory – Volunteers work with the district’s Health Services Department to discuss health services and issues within the district. Meetings vary as needed. Contact: Lisa Harnacker at (314) 415-5064. 

OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring – Mature adults are trained to help elementary students with reading skills for one hour every week. Training begins in September. Contact: Barb Clark at (314) 415-8121.
Parents Advisory Council for Children with Disabilities – Parkway parents committed to securing quality education for students with special needs receive support and information through monthly meetings. Representatives meet regularly with district administrators to discuss issues pertaining to children with disabilities. Contact: Steve Colombo at (314) 415-8071 or email paccd@pkwy.k12.mo.us. Web site www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/paccd 

Parent/Teacher Organizations Provide volunteer opportunities for direct involvement in school plans, programs and activities. Contact: School principals. www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/schools/schools.cfm

Safety Network – Established by the board of education to promote safe conditions in Parkway. Volunteers participate in annual safety audits and are involved in school safety and emergency preparedness activities, including the Block Homes program. Meetings vary as needed. Contact: Dan Stoverink at (636) 391-2653 or Fred Crawford at (314) 415-8320.