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Fifteen Parkway Students Accepted into Pfizer-Solutia STARS Program

This summer, fifteen Parkway students will have the chance to shine in the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) Students and Teachers as Research Scientists (STARS) program. The STARS program pairs students and teachers with research mentors from UMSL, Saint Louis University, Washington University, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and the Missouri Institute of Mental Health. For six weeks, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers, medical researchers, physicists and psychologists from the five institutions take student apprentices under their wings in their laboratories, sharing their expertise as they direct the students in research projects. Through teacher-student-mentor scientist partnerships, participants apply various problem-solving strategies to independent research projects, said Ken Mares, director of STARS program. They write technical reports and orally present their results in a seminar format on the last day of the program. This years STARS program, Experiencing the Scientific Enterprise, will be held June 12-July 21 at UMSL. Besides conducting research and presenting papers, students tour scientific enterprises in St. Louis, take part in career workshops and attend lectures by leading scientists from the St. Louis community. The Parkway students are: Hang Gao, Central High; Sam Fok, Eugene Khariton, Nilu Rath, Amit Shintre, and Albert Zheng, North High; Yusuf Ahmad, Jessicah Hard, Sakshi Mathur, Divya Sivakumar, Pengcheng Wang, and Jing Xue, South High; Melony Chakrabarty, Haoran Li, and Frank Xing, West High.