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Central High Students Sent Supplies to Missouri Troops in Kosovo

Central High student, Emily Boles; Staff Sergeant Williams; Sergeant First Class Tiegs; Staff Sergeant Ricks; Central High student, Alex Fenger

Parkway Central High students (back row) Jeff Huang, Alek Sverdlous, Alex Fenger, Ola Coker, Jonathon Ahuatzi, (middle row) Grace Pent, Kristy Yang, Hyesoo, Park, Kelly Roepke, Ashley Bergman, (front row) Priscilla Lee, Emily Boles

Students at Central High School sent 61 care packages to the Missouri National Guard based in Kosovo.  Central High’s English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, Sandy Patterson has a son serving in Kosovo and she approached Project Help, Central's service organization, about putting together a project.

Project Help publicized the collection by encouraging various clubs and organizations at the school to participate.  Students and teachers filled boxes (12 X 12 X 6) with items from a recommended list that included everything from homemade cookies to toiletry items such as Chapstick and Q-tips. 

Shipping the boxes to Kosovo cost $11.00 per box and it was paid for by donations from Student Council, National Honor Society, Project Help, Central High staff and individual student donations. The total shipping cost was $635.00.