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Eric Greitens to speak at high school Alma Mater Parkway North

On April 11 Eric Greitens will give a presentation to the students of Parkway North High School, kicking off the launch of his newest book, The Heart and the Fist. Greitens will speak about service, courage and leadership.

Greitens’ latest book, The Heart and the Fist, shares one man’s story of extraordinary leadership and service as both a humanitarian and a warrior. In a life lived at the raw edges of the human experience, Greitens has seen what can be accomplished when compassion and courage come together in meaningful service. The Heart and the Fist offers each of us a new way of thinking about living a meaningful life. We learn that to win any war, even one that we wage against ourselves, to create a lasting peace, to save a life, even simply to live with purpose, requires us—every one of us—to be both good and strong.

Greitens grew up in Missouri and attended Parkway North High School. After attending Duke University, he was selected as a Rhodes and Truman Scholar and attended the University of Oxford from 1996 through 2000, where he earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D. Greitens is a US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander, now serving in the reserves. Greitens has deployed four times during the Global War on Terrorism. He has been recognized by the military with numerous awards, including the Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star. Greitens is currently the CEO of the St. Louis based nonprofit organization The Mission Continues. The Mission Continues empowers wounded and disabled veterans to continue their service to their country and communities as citizen leaders here at home. A portion of sales from The Heart and the Fist benefit The Mission Continues.

The event will take place at 10:00am on Monday April 11 at Parkway North High School, located at 12860 Fee Fee Road in St. Louis, Missouri.

For more information about Eric Greitens, visit his website at www.ericgreitens.com. For more information on The Heart and the Fist, visit  www.theheartandthefist.com.