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Board Member Dudley McCarter receives Distinguished Service Award from Mizzou

It's hard to go out in the Parkway community without hearing the name Dudley McCarter mentioned as "a great guy."  A lawyer and Parkway board member, McCarter is well-known for his sense of community, fair play, and his countless volunteering efforts.

This reputation extends to the places he's lived and the colleges he's attended, including Mizzou, where he received his law degree. McCarter recently received the 54th annual distinguished service award from Mizzou. 

"It's the most recognized and distinguished award we give to alumni," says Jennie Graves, a program assistant for the MU Alumni Association. A person must show outstanding success in a field, give service to a community and give back to Mizzou with volunteering efforts. Naturally, Dudley, set the gold standard for all three at Mizzou, as he does in Parkway. "He didn't attend undergraduate school here, but his love of Mizzou shows," says Jennie. "We are so pleased he received this."

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