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Parkway students give back over holidays

Front: (L to R) Andi Faulhaber, Miriam School; Scott Huch, South Middle; Mitchell Faulhaber, South Middle

Back: Margaret Nisbet, South High; Gracie Olderman, South Middle; Libby Nisbet, South Middle
Students measuring and packing food for hungry children. (L to R) Libby Nisbet, South Middle; Margaret Nisbet, South High; Scott Huch, South Middle (peeking out); Mitchell Faulhaber, South Middle; Jack Brown, South Middle; Gracie Olderman, South Middle

Parkway family, Susie and Ted Faulhaber, hosted a neighborhood "Kids Against Hunger" event over Winter Break.  Families gathered at the Faulhaber home in Des Peres ready to work on Dec. 30.

Rudy Schaser, executive director of With God's Little Ones (a not-for-profit, volunteer driven organization) came with rice, soy, dried vegetables, and vitamins, etc, that needed to be measured and packaged.  Adults, teens, and elementary age children worked together to package hundreds of meals that will be shipped to hungry children in places like Africa, Cambodia, or Nicaragua.

In light of the earthquake tragedy in Haiti this week, Mr. Schaser, who works with Children Against Hunger, has taken steps to have the food packaged at the Faulhaber's, to be shipped to Haiti for disaster relief.