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NASA Visits Pierremont Elementary

Linda GodwinA NASA team visited Pierremont today to congratulate MOSAICS fifth graders on a game they designed exclusively for astronauts.

The game, "Starfield," is the winning entry in NASA’s national contest, “Spaced Out Sports Design Challenge.” 

The fifth graders designed the game under the direction of teacher Michelle Braungardt. NASA  rules required students to apply Newton’s laws of motion to their game designs.

Astronauts need a way to help maintain their physical condition in a microgravity environment, and games achieve that end.  Parkway’s winning game, "Starfield," requires astronauts to maneuver through an obstacle course known as the starfield to collect “power stars.” The astronauts then throw their collected stars at a black hole target.game designers

"We are so proud of you and your school," Linda Godwin, a former NASA astronaut and current University of Missouri professor, told the students in a school assembly.

Godwin joined others from NASA at Pierremont. The entire NASA team set up science learning stations geared for the elementary level. One of the stations incorporated rocket design and rocket launching as activities.

Click here to see a video from Channel 5 of the NASA visit. 

To watch a video posted on stltoday.com click here. student launching rocket