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Central High Alumnus Recognized for Academics at Stanford: Invites Central High Principal to Celebration

Central High class of 2002 graduate Philip Boone could have picked any secondary school educator to join him at an awards ceremony at the Stanford University Faculty Club on Saturday, April 29. Stanford had agreed to make all travel arrangements and pay the travel expenses for whomever Philip chose. He decided to invite Central High principal Bill Myer, because, "it was impossible to pick just one teacher, so I picked someone who represented them all. My experience at Central was wonderful overall and definitely prepared me for what I'm doing now, so I was glad Principal Myer could celebrate this academic achievement with me," said Philip. Philip received the J.E. Wallace Sterling Award for Scholastic Achievement, one of Stanford's most selective academic awards given to students graduating in the top two percent of their class. Philip will graduate with honors in June with a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences. He has been admitted to Baylor College of Medicine's MD/PhD program in Houston, Texas, and will start the program in fall of 2007 after a year traveling and working abroad. "I was floored," 35-year Parkway veteran Bill Myer said about Philip's invitation. "Of course I was overjoyed for Philip; what a great accomplishment. I felt really honored that he chose me to join him in celebrating such a landmark in his life. It's always gratifying to see our students continue to do so well." Philip was one of about 32 seniors in the 2006 Stanford graduating class who received the award. All recipients invited one secondary school educator and a Stanford faculty or staff member who knew them well.