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Parkway Schools Raise More than $25,000 for Tsunami Relief

Students and staff in the Parkway School District collected spare change, sold towels and held raffles to aid victims of the recent tsunami disaster. When the totals came in, the district had raised more than $25,000 for UNICEF and the American Red Cross. Here are a few of the fundraising efforts held at Parkway schools: Craig Elementary The Craig student council and service club raised $1,500 with signs and announcements asking for donations. Highcroft Elementary Highcroft collected spare change before school from January 10 through 13, totaling $1,842.87. McKelvey Elementary McKelvey raised over $2,000 through a student council raffle of special blankets made by each grade level. The theme of the raffle was "We’re all tied together." Pierremont Elementary Pierremont students and staff collected $2,513.67. River Bend Elementary River Bend raised $1,500 by holding a raffle for assistant principal for a day and by offering staff the chance to pay $1.00 to dress casual for a day. Shenandoah Elementary The Shenandoah student council sponsored a three-day coin drive to raise $609.64. Central Middle A group Central Middle and Central High students designed an original "I Opened My Heart" sticker that was sold for 50 cents. Students also sent "Wave Saver" messages to friends and teachers for 50 cents. They raised $3,787.28. Northeast Middle Northeast Middle collected $1,672.19 by selling "spirit towels" and collecting money through their homebase classes. West Middle West Middle raised $3,500 by talking about the disaster and collecting at lunch times for one week. They communicated the efforts through announcements and also asked for parent support.