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Parkway Earns Perfect Score on State’s Annual Performance Report

The Parkway School District has met all 12 performance standards in its 2004 Annual Performance Report (APR), earning a perfect score – 100 out of a possible 100 points - to qualify for the state's "Annual Distinction in Performance Award." The district is already "Accredited with Distinction" by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education through 2005. The performance measures, recently reviewed by the state, include MAP scores, dropout rate, attendance rate, college placement and student participation in advanced and vocational courses. School districts are officially reviewed as part of the MSIP accreditation program only once every five years. However, each year districts receive the Annual Performance Report so they can see how they would score if they were currently under state review. Formerly, districts could receive the "distinction" recognition only as part of the official MSIP accreditation, but now school districts can get "Distinction in Performance" based on the Annual Performance Report. To qualify for the state's "Annual Distinction in Performance Award," K-12 districts must meet at least 11 of the 12 performance standards in the report.