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Latest news on Highway 141 construction

Here's the latest e-mail update from MoDOT on the Route 141 project:

Construction on the Route 141 project to relocate the roadway out of the flood plain, reduce congestion and improve roadway safety is moving along quickly.  You can see the ramps for Ladue Road and the new bridges at Ladue Road and Olive Boulevard taking shape.

We wanted to give you some advance information on some roadway closures and
traffic changes coming up within the next few months.

Closure of Ladue East of Woods Mill:

The biggest change will be the closure of the eastern half of Ladue for
about a month.  We need to complete some construction to tie in existing
Ladue road to the new bridge and roadway, and to do that, we need to close
Ladue east of Route 141. 
At this time, we are planning to close the road
in late September and reopen it in mid-October.  Drivers can use Mason and
Conway roads to detour around the closure.  We are working with the county
to keep traffic flowing along those detour routes as efficiently as

Opening of New Pavement South of Parkway/Closure of Old Woods Mill

When we reopen Ladue Road in mid-October, we will also move traffic on
Route 141 to new pavement between Conway Road and the Parkway School
  We will also close Woods Mill Road (old Route 141) south of Ladue
(the Green Trails Entrance) to construct much of the remainder of Ladue and
that portion of Woods Mill Road.  Traffic heading north on Route 141
heading to the Green Trails entrance on the western portion of Ladue will
need to take Route 141 to the signal near the Parkway School campus and
turn south on Woods Mill.  We'll put out more information, including a map,
as this gets closer.

Olive Boulevard Bridge

On Olive Boulevard, we are expecting work to be complete on the new bridge
in November.  When the bridge is finished, we will move traffic back onto
Olive and remove the bypass.  We hope to be able to do this before winter
so traffic doesnt have to negotiate the curved bypass during wintry

For all the latest 141 project news visit the MoDOT website http://modot.mo.gov/stlouis/major_projects/rte141improvementproject.htm.