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Parkway selects teachers of the year

Parkway is pleased to honor the following 2010 Teachers of the Year for their dedication, leadership and commitment to excellence. These teachers were selected by their peers.

Dorie Cannon, Barretts; Debbie Kirby, Bellerive; Teresa Zoroufchi, Carman Trails; Deb Koenen, Claymont; Cynthia Fahs, Craig; Nancy Winkler, Green Trails; Laura Teal, Henry; Stacey Schuler, Highcroft Ridge; Mollie Krazl, Mason Ridge; Robyn Boling, McKelvey; Raoul Campa, Oak Brook; Cheryl Devaney, Pierremont; Ryun Deckert, River Bend; Jill McCallister, Ross; Katie Cochran, Sorrento Springs; Laura Heitert, Wren Hollow; Amy Harness, Central Middle; Tina Blanton, Northeast Middle; Darlene Self, South Middle; Jill Loyet, Southwest Middle; Chris White, West Middle; Diana Schumacher, PATHWAYS; Mike Prange, Fern Ridge; Kurt Lehmann, Central High; Dr. Jeff Gaw, North High; Claudia Doty, South High; Ruth Knop, West High

A district-wide selection committee will choose an elementary, middle and high school teacher of the year, one of whom will be named district teacher of the year to represent Parkway in the Missouri competition.  All teachers of the year will be honored at the March 10 board of education meeting and at Parkway’s Appreciation Evening on April 26.