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Early Childhood Center students building a bright future

Preschool youngsters at Parkway’s Early Childhood Center (ECC) are building a bright future! Recently 95 families, including students, parents and grandparents participated in the home improvements program. The event was one of several Family Activity Sessions offered to ECC program participants. 

Children had the opportunity to hammer golf tees into Styrofoam blocks, sand wood, match tools, build with different kinds of blocks, build and paint a house, assemble puzzles, pour water through plastic tubing and fill and empty containers with a variety of media. 

The goals of the event include socialization with other families and children, and the development of children's fine motor, gross motor, language and cognition skills.  These activities provide opportunities for children to have fun while solving problems, learning math, and working cooperatively with other children and their parents on projects. Parents are also given ideas for developmentally appropriate activities to share with their children. 

Parkway’s Early Childhood Center offers a tuition-based preschool program for children ages three, four, and five years, for full and half days at seven locations in the district. Learning is guided and reinforced by caring teachers who are certified in early childhood education.  The Parents As Teachers program is free to all Parkway residents.